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Add real value to your residential and commercial properties with the exceptional roofing repair and painting services from Master Remodelers in Houston, Texas. We offer cost-effective and top-quality professional painting services with the use of proper painting techniques and materials crucial to achieving a long-lasting finish that holds up for many years. The following some services we provide are:

Repair Work:
• New Construction, Room Additions
• Exterior Painting
• Drywall, Textures & Repairs
• Interior Painting
Techniques We Offer Include:
• Adding Crown Molding & High-Gloss Finish
• Matching Existing Textures
•  Soffet and Siding Repairs
• Profesional Carpentry services
Man Painting
Roof Work

Roofing Services

For most home buyers purchasing a new home, a new roof is a major requirement in home renovations. Our years of combined expertise in the industry have allowed us to offer the best roofing services in the Houston area. Through the dedication, experience, and reputation of our knowledgeable team, we have built a lasting impression to homeowners, managers, and everyone else. We bring you the following remarkable roofing services:

• Insurance Claim Assistance on Your Roof
• Roof Replacement
• Roofing Repair
• Reroofing

Contact us today in Houston, Texas, to experience our state-of-the-art roofing repair and painting services.